Who is MapsforPowerPoint.com

We are an extension of Digital Cartographics focusing on digital map sales. Our former site for selling digital maps was PresentationMaps.com.

How are your maps delivered?

Maps are delivered online via electronic download. At the end of the checkout process, on your receipt page, you will find a download link for each map product you have purchased. Each map is delivered in a compressed Zip file (.zip) format. We recommend you save each Zip file to your computer's hard drive before extracting. This way, you will always have the original file as a backup should it be needed.

What applications are compatible with your maps?

Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2007 and later can open our PowerPoint map files. Once open, map contents can be copied to other slides in the same presentation or to a different presentation, as well as to other Microsoft applications like Word. Other applications (Google Slides, for example) can open our maps but certain features or effects may not display properly. We only provide technical support for our maps used within PowerPoint only.


To determine if our maps will work in your non-PowerPoint application, we encourage you to first try out a map from our free map samples page.

What versions of PowerPoint are your maps compatible with?

Our maps are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2007 and later. Our maps are saved in PowerPoint PPTX (.pptx) format. With updates and/or converters installed from Microsoft, our maps can be opened in PowerPoint versions 2003 and earlier, but some features or effects may not display properly.

How do I open and modify my map?

Our maps are native PowerPoint presentation files (.pptx format) with the maps already placed on slides. After your map has been downloaded and extracted from its Zip to your hard drive, it is opened just like any normal PowerPoint file, by double-clicking the filename or using the File > Open command. All map features are made up of standard PowerPoint graphics (shapes, text, etc.) and ready to edit and customize. Use your mouse pointer to click and select map features, or hold down the Shift key to select multiple features at once. Depending on the map, some graphics may be grouped (for example, a country made up of many islands, like Greece). We have instructional videos to get you started with customizing your map.

What is layering?

Layering is when like features are kept together and separated into levels, or layers. In graphic design, this is a familiar concept as most design software allows the user to organize a design into layers. PowerPoint can layer individual objects, shapes, etc. but this is not quite the same. In order to mimic layering in PowerPoint, we've added additional slides to our map files to include only like map features.
The first slide in all of our PowerPoint map files is the full map with all map features displayed, plus a slight drop shadow. Additional slides contain the map without text and then one containing text only. Separating these feature into individual slides allows the user to much more easily create a custom map or a new map consisting of a subset of the full map by copying and pasting only the desired map features to a new slide, different presentation or to a compatible app.

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with any product purchased from this site, we offer a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee. To return a map product, contact us by:


Telephone: 740-412-5001 (Digital Cartographics)
E-mail: return@mapsforpowerpoint.com


Please specify the product(s) purchased, date of transaction, your name and price(s).


We will e-mail you confirming your wish to return your purchase and instruct you to destroy the original download(s) and any copies you may have made. We will then issue a full credit to the credit card used for the purchase.

If you don’t have what I want, can you create it?

Possibly. Depending on the specifics and timeframe of your needs we may be able to create a custom map for you. Custom mapping is no longer a part of our core business, but we will try to help you out if we can. The minimum fee for custom work is $50.

Is your site secure and my information safe?

Yes. We use a secure server for processing customer orders. Look for https:// in your browser's address bar. The secure server layer (SSL) encrypts all information you enter before it is transmitted over the Internet to our credit card processor. All customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access. After you credit card payment is processed, a copy of your order is kept on our server only long enough to run monthly reports. The first 12 digits of your credit card number is encrypted. Your full credit card number is never made available to us or anyone else during and after your purchase.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All personal and credit card information collected on this site via the ordering and/or registration process will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused or disclosed to any third party.


What about cookies?

"Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Our site uses cookies to keep track of your shopping cart only.